Ballet Art Katoomba

Please Note: Not all events are relevant for every grade. Further information will be provided closer to the time.

2020 Events Calendar

Term 1: Mon 3rd Feb - Sat 11th April

Saturday 11th April - Easter Long Weekend - No Classes

Term 2: Mon 27th April - Sat 4th July

Saturday 20th June - Studio Performance

This is an in-studio performance by our eisteddfod students. This date is essential for eisteddfod students although all our students and families are welcome to attend. This is a free performance and a lovely opportunity for our younger dancers to be inspired by our senior students also for any students wishing to undertake eisteddfods in the future.

Wednesday 15th July - Exam Holiday Classes *TBC*

Thursday 16th July  - Exam Holiday Classes *TBC*

Friday 17th July - Exam Holiday Classes *TBC*

Term 3: Mon 20th July - Sat 26th Sept

Friday 18th September - Ballet Exams *TBC*

Saturday 19th September - Ballet Exams *TBC* / Exams replace regular classes

Term 4: Mon 12th Oct - Sat 12th Dec

Saturday 5th December - Dress Rehearsal (for all students in Grade 3 and above) *TBC*

Friday 11th December - Stage Rehearsal (for all students in Grade 3 and above) *TBC*

Saturday 12th December - Concert Day *TBC* / Concert replaces regular classes