Ballet Art Katoomba


Students are required to attend ballet classes in uniform as this assists teachers to ensure they are using correct technique and not developing bad habits. Uniform requirements are as follows.


Navy blue sleeveless cotton/lycra leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes. Light blue skirt and cross-over for winter.

Senior Girls (Grade 4 up)

Black leotard, pink tights, black chiffon skirt.


White T-shirt or leotard, navy blue or black shorts or leggings, white socks and white or black ballet shoes.


Dress-up costume or any leotard or comfortable clothing with ballet shoes.


Leotard of your choice or comfortable sports wear and ballet shoes.

Hair grooming

Hair grooming is a very important part of classical training and should be worn in a neat bun, off the face and neck for all classes.

Ballet Uniforms are available to purchase through the school.